South Side Landfill’s rates for cash customers are based on volume.

  • If you are bringing material into the landfill in a pickup truck, use the image below to help estimate your charges.
  • If you are bringing material in a vehicle other than a pickup truck and are not an established charge customer, your load will be measured and charged according to the general rates below.
  • All transactions at South Side Landfill are subject to a facility fuel surcharge. Call us at 317-247-6808 for the current rate.
  • In addition, all Solid Waste materials disposed of at South Side Landfill will be assessed mandatory state solid waste fees of $0.60 per ton.
  • For any wastes other than household or office waste or construction debris, special testing and paperwork may be required and special handling rates may apply. Call us at 317-247-6808 for details.

Pickup Truck Rates

Other Rates

  • CARS – $19.75
  • SUVs – Same as Pick-Up Trucks. Actual cost determined by attendant.
  • Open Top Solid Waste – $24.00 per Cubic Yard
  • Compacted Solid Waste – $25.00 per Cubic Yard
  • C&D and Drywall – $24.00 per Cubic Yard
  • Shingles – $27.00 per Cubic Yard
  • Clean Fill – $12.00 per Cubic Yard
  • Tires – $16.00 to $200 Each, depending on size
  • White Goods with Freon – $150.00 Each
  • White Goods without Freon – $70.00 Each

All prices are subject to a facility fuel surcharge that is based on the Department of Energy’s published National Average for #2 Diesel (adjusted monthly).

Cost Calculator

Please use our interactive calculator application where you can input length, width and height (all in feet) and the cubic yards (and charges) will be approximated.

Fuel Surcharge and Rate Questions

Why am I being charged a Fuel Surcharge when I bring material to South Side Landfill in my own vehicle?

Good question. Over the last few years, most of us have gotten used to paying a fuel surcharge when we interact with the transportation industry. Fuel surcharges allow fuel-intensive industries to spread the risk posed by fluctuating fuel prices during periods of high market volatility. We pay it in our airline tickets, we pay it when we have furniture or appliances delivered and we even pay it when we send an overnight letter. The landfill is an incredibly fuel-intensive business, so we have implemented a fuel surcharge that is a percentage of the total bill. Our surcharge changes monthly and is based on the Average Price of No. 2 Diesel, as published by the Department of Energy. Over the time that fuel surcharges have been charged at South Side Landfill they have typically ranged from 5% to around 10%. You can call our office at 317-247-6808 to get this month’s current surcharge.

I see rates for pickup trucks, what if I am using a van or an SUV?

At South Side Landfill our rates are based on volume, so our scale operators will base the charges for vans and SUVs on the rate for a similarly sized pickup truck, depending on how full your vehicle is. Flat-bed, dump-bed and box trucks are charged the cubic yard rates according to the dimensions of the load, as measured by South Side Landfill personnel. Please use our interactive calculator application to find the approximate charge for your load.

I see different rates for various materials, what if my load is a mixture of materials?

Mixed materials at South Side Landfill are always managed and charged according to the most restrictive material in the mixture. Say, for example, you have some general debris from cleaning out your basement or garage and some chunks of concrete from a piece of sidewalk you removed, and everything is all mixed together in a single pickup load. While the concrete would otherwise qualify as clean-fill (at a cheaper rate), since it is mixed with other waste you will be charged at the solid waste rate and the material will all be managed as solid waste.